About US

Jeffery Balentine and Fabiano Honda owners of North & Southeast Diving. Andre after years of dedicated service moved through the ranks of diver to managing supervisor and is responsible for all aspects of our performance cleaning division. Our cleaning teams consist of highly motivated experienced and professional divers. Head Diver Vinnie leads our performance cleaning Dive Teams.

Office: Our office manager has and continues to organize our office and perfected our digital scheduling program. Working together our office manager and Fabiano have created a solid base that supports our expanding business. Trained by husband and wife Dive team Jeffery & Lauren and his service team members are continuously progressing and raising the bar to find new and innovative ways to even better serve our clients.

Bowie Balentine is our Port Manager. He hires, trains and provides our skilled labor force with motivation and leadership that has been crucial to the success of our port.

"I’ve always loved the water and have always been in an around it for as long as i can remember. I come from a family of diver, so working in the water has always felt natural to me. Growing up I developed a strong fascination for boats and yachts i liked them so much I started learning as much as I can about them, and I haven't stopped since. It’s like the more I learned about them the more I developed a deeper appreciation for these outstanding vessels".

In 1989, armed with an old set of dive gear and cleaning equipment, I set out to start my own business cleaning boats for $50.00 each. I was very meticulous and detail oriented in every boat i worked on that it didn't take long for other boat owners to take notice and ask me to work on their boats as well. Soon, more and more clients came in as word spread out to more and more people about the outstanding underwater boat cleaning services I delivered.

As the years passed, I got to serve the underwater cleaning needs of hundreds, if not thousands of boats and yachts from all over the Tri-County area in Florida. As more clients came in, the more i invested time, monday and effort into perfecting my craft. I wanted to deliver the very best underwater boat and yacht cleaning and maintenance service in Dade County and Broward County and the Palm Beaches, while still maintaining truly competitive rates.

Today I have a full team of highly skilled divers ready to provide you with the Top Notch underwater maintenance service we’ve come to be known for- still a very affordable costs! If you’d like to avail our services or have questions in mind you’d like us to answer please call us at (954) 650-6931